About Ellie

Ellie Perez is a vocalist, pianist, and songwriter from Philadelphia with a style similar to Regina Spektor or Ingrid Michaelson. Beginning as a classically trained vocalist studying under the opera singer Melanie Sarakatsannis, she developed a style of singing that encompassed the healthy vocal techniques of Opera combined with the colloquialisms of pop/rock music. At the age of 13, she began to broaden her horizons and venture into the world of contemporary music, where she found her niche in songwriting. As writing became more and more of a serious career option, she began writing not only for her own piano and voice, but for a small ensemble with her rock band The Black Ties.
​  As her writing improved over time, she gained exposure performing her own songs at local Philadelphia venues such as World Café Live (Philadelphia, PA) and Steel City (Phoenixville, PA), as well as entering in contests around the tri-state area to promote her music. In the past few years, she has won first place in The Entertainment Group’s contest The Song is Born,” toured the northeast with her folk band Kismet, and become involved with writing a song for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Her first self-titled album is currently available on iTunes, and a second one is in the works. Her current mission is to fully understand every genre, thus allowing her to write successfully for any style and preference. Look out for her in New York GlobalBiz's upcoming magazine issue, “Givers and Winners,” where she will be featured as the finalist of “The Song is Born”. She is proud to be a member of Berklee’s Contemporary Writing and Production department. 

"You are going places; True artistry!"-songwriter Deb Chamberlin

Folk Band Kismet

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Ellie Perez

Rock Band The Black Ties